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About St. Francis Credit Union

St. Francis Credit Union is a large community based credit union in existence since 1966. St. Francis Credit Union is owned and controlled by its members. It is run by a voluntary Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee. Both of these groups are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting which is usually held in November of each year.

The Board appoints other members to various voluntary committees in order to spread out the work. The organisational chart of St. Francis Credit Union would be as follows.

It is our aim to implement our strategic plan in a manner that underpins our mission and enables us to move closer to our stated vision.

Our Vision

It is our vision that St Francis Credit Union:

“strives to provide for the financial needs of its members in a co-operative and professional manner”

This means we will:

  • will provide a range of financial services required by the changing needs and preferences of our members;
  • operate on a not for profit basis and with dignity and integrity;
  • continue to encourage all persons within our common bond to become active members;
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